Health Treatments

Vitamins and minerals are key to your health. They’re the stepping-stones of all human life and are responsible for everything from building your body’s immune system to energizing your core. Our Health Treatments infuse the essential nutrients and hydration your body needs directly into your circulatory system. This aids in your body’s ability to enjoy a good party, maximize your workout, and perform at its very best, all the time.

Beauty Treatments

As we age, every cell in our body begins to break down at some level. Our cells stop repairing and remodeling, which means you start showing signs of age and fatigue. Our Beauty Treatments reverse this process to reboot your cells’ health and stimulate your natural youth. It’s an infusion that promotes extraordinary mental clarity, skin rejuvenation, and more, for a beautifying mix that leaves you feeling radiant and healthy.


Life can wear you down in a hundred little ways. We are constantly fighting to maintain peak performance, and it’s just not always possible. At least that was the case before our Recovery Treatments. These replenishing IVs help get your body back to feeling energized and ready for anything, fast. Filled with a coalition of hydration, vitamins, and minerals these infusions will leave you feeling vibrant and strong so you can conquer the world!

Feeling Sick

People get sick. It’s inevitable, but how often and how bad can depend on the strength of our immune systems. Our Feeling Sick Treatments help revitalize your body’s natural healing system allowing you to get better fast! These potent infusions contain customized doses of the essential vitamins, minerals and medications you need to boost your energy, reduce inflammation, promote healing, cleanse toxins, and decrease pain. It’s a cocktail of goodness that leaves you feeling better.